Toronto Star: What price liberty? Up to $50k

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David Rider from the Toronto Star called us yesterday. He spoke with me (Peter) and with my mom (Marta). This morning, the Toronto Star is carrying our story on the second page (pick up a copy and take a look). It is also available online.

The story ran with the above picture of me and my mom, taken by my sister, Agata.

Here’s an excerpt from the story, entitled “What price liberty? Up to $50k“:

The municipality of Clarington is clamping down on a studious celebration of Canadian liberties, charging its rural hosts with a zoning offence carrying a hefty fine.

“The irony isn’t lost on me,” said Peter Jaworski whose parents, Marta and Lech, have been charged under a bylaw for letting him hold — for the tenth time — the annual Liberty Summer Seminar on their 16 hectare spread east of Oshawa.


Peter Jaworski said the local health department called him a few days before the event and he thought he had addressed its concerns over food being served — he decided to cater — and the three portable toilets on site.

But the couple received a summons to provincial court on Sept. 28 on a charge of using land in an agricultural zone “for a commercial conference centre” contrary to a Clarington bylaw.

Marta Jaworski, 57, said she and her husband, also 57, are “devastated” by the charge, which she called a “taste” of the oppression they felt in Poland before fleeing in 1984 to Germany and later Canada.

“It is a feeling to be hunted. They come in uniforms . . . ,” she said, starting to cry.

Scott Reid, Conservative MP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, attended the seminar and said he can’t understand why the municipality is cracking down now, after nine previous events. “I don’t see how the public interest has been harmed. This is a real injustice,” he said.

You can read the whole story here.

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