National Post: Bureaucratic ‘bullies’ foil annual libertarian retreat

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Two days ago, Tyler Anderson, a photographer from the National Post, came to our place to take pictures for a story. He was great, and had us pose all over our property. It surprised us, but then the National Post made our story the cover page story!

It ran with three pictures, including this one of a sign we put up during the Liberty Summer Seminar:

Meanwhile, Kevin Libin wrote the story entitled “Bureaucratic ‘bullies’ foil annual libertarian retreat.” Here’s an excerpt:

Peter Jaworski wasn’t born in the cradle of freedom, but his mother says she hid illegal, anti-Soviet pamphlets in his baby carriage, covertly passing them out to fellow dissidents on the streets of Wroclaw, Poland. When local police sent an order to his father to report to them for unspecified reasons, the family used a permit to travel to Germany and fled, eventually settling in Orono, Ont.

Since coming to Canada, Peter has celebrated freedom with more enthusiasm than most. He helped found the Institute for Liberal Studies, a libertarian advocacy group; he’s writing his PhD thesis about concepts of ownership rights; and every summer for the past 10 years he’s hosted the two-day Liberty Summer Seminar on his parents’ acreage. There, a few dozen libertarians — past attendees have included Conservative Cabinet minister Jason Kenney and Ontario Cabinet minister Randy Hillier — camp out on the idyllic grounds, hear a handful of pro-liberty speakers, tap their feet along with some freedom-minded musical acts, and enjoy Mother Jaworski’s cooking.

At least, they used to. This past July may have been the last, as the libertarians met their nemeses in the flesh: bureaucrats armed with a red tape roll full of regulations that may not only shut down the seminar for good, but threaten to hit the Jaworskis with as much as $50,000 in fines for using their property for reasons unapproved by government.

“I thought government would help me to do business, to be independent, not to be on welfare, but it’s the opposite. It’s like ‘you own this property? Now we own you,’” Marta Jaworski says. “Government is just like Big Brother. Without government we would [apparently] be all dead. They think we need them so much in every aspect of our lives.”

Read the rest here.

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