Oshawa This Week: Pro-freedom group runs up against Clarington property rights rules

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Before Tyler Anderson came to take pictures for this National Post cover page story, Ryan Pfeiffer of the Oshawa This Week came to do the same thing. The picture they chose shows our family standing in front of the sign for our bed and breakfast.

Jennifer Stone wrote the article. It’s called “Pro-freedom group runs up against Clarington property rights rules.” Here’s an excerpt:

Lech and Marta Jaworski were recently presented with summonses indicating they were being charged with breaching Clarington’s zoning bylaw by using land zoned agricultural “for commercial and conference centre” purposes. They had allowed their son, doctoral student Peter Jaworski, to hold the weekend-long Liberty Summer Seminar on their Best Road property in July.

“In a way, it’s ironic,” Peter Jaworski said in an interview. “The summit celebrates freedom and democracy.”

It was the event’s 10th year, having been held at the north Clarington property each year since 2001. Never before had the family received any indication it could contravene local bylaws, said the younger Mr. Jaworski.

But, in Clarington, bylaws are enforced on a complaint basis. And this year, unlike the previous nine years in which the event has been held at the Jaworskis’ property, there was a complaint, said Clarington Clerk Patti Barrie.

If found guilty, Marta and Lech Jaworski could each face fines of up to $25,000.

The two-day event has drawn hundreds of people over the years, their son said. This year, 72 people attended. The event brings together students, academics and others to hear presentations on and discuss liberty.”

Read all of it here.

If you would like to help, please call our councillors and mayor (click for details). If you can, please also consider donating to the Marta & Lech legal defence fund (click for details).

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3 Responses to Oshawa This Week: Pro-freedom group runs up against Clarington property rights rules

  1. Kevin Kane says:

    I’ve twice attended the Liberty Summer Seminar (LSS). I support the event because it celebrates everyone’s rights and liberties, including property rights.

    If you believe in your own right to property, then by extension you support your neighbour’s right to their property, too. LSS attendees are considerate and respectful of others. We certainly do not want to upset – or bother in any way – neighbours in the area.

    I hope that an amicable solution can be reached outside of court. The conference is full of reasonable, peaceful people. I’m sure that a mutual solution can be found that allows attendees to enjoy the conference without disturbing any neighbours.

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  3. Dan says:

    Is there another method of donating to this without using paypal?

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